Product Showcase

  1. Nexsan SATABeast
    Designed from the ground up to set new standards for high-capacity storage systems, SATABeast delivers the industry's best performance and cost-effectiveness in a scalable disk solution. With unparalleled density, availability and energy efficiency, SATABeast maximizes the return on your storage hardware investment.
  2. Xiotech TimeScale RR Replication Appliance
    TimeScale replication appliances deliver data protection across remote sites, enabling restore-to-operations in seconds or minutes. TimeScale offers enterprise-class availability and scalability, with support for a full range of replication modes, including synchronous and asynchronous—delivered with unprecedented reduction in bandwidth requirements. With TimeScale, businesses enjoy seamless, affordable data resilience, even in the case of infrastructure failures or disasters.
  3. Xiotech Magnitude 3D 1000e
    Magnitude 3D 1000e is an entry-level storage solution, designed to deliver out-of-the-box, easy-to-use business productivity. With a distributed architecture and cross-cluster failover, Magnitude 3D 1000e also provides the resilience that businesses require. It is an ideal solution for midsized businesses who want the ease of use and clustering capabilities of the Magnitude 3D family, but at a lower price point.
  4. Xiotech Magnitude 3D 3000
    Magnitude 3D 3000 builds on the Magnitude 3D foundation with enhancements that make it faster and more scalable, with full backwards compatibility. Magnitude 3D 3000 delivers improved top-end performance that does not degrade as storage needs scale higher—with performance that can be tuned at the application level. Magnitude 3D 3000 also leverages industry-standard software and hardware, enabling businesses to adapt to future technologies without forklift upgrades.
  5. Hewlett Packard StorageWorks NAS 2000s
    The HP StorageWorks NAS 2000s provides a network attached storage (NAS) solution that delivers quick and simple NAS storage with multi-protocol file support and storage management for workgroups, small businesses, and remote locations.
  6. Patch Antennas

    Corry Micronics Patch Antennas are easily mounted and feature high quality factor dielectric constants...

  7. Avocent DSR800
    The Avocent DSR800 is an 8-port KVM over IP switch that provides remote access and control to servers and serial devices in smaller installations with distributed locations.
  8. Avocent DSR4010
    The DSR4010 combines digital and analog access in a 16-port KVM switch, allowing simultaneous access for up to four servers by four remote users or three remote users and one local user.
  9. Avocent DS Series DSR2010
    The DS Series DSR2010 combines digital and analog technology into a single KVM switch for access the way you need it. The 16-port system offers the flexibility of multi-user, multi-location solutions with both local and IP access for PC-based servers.
  10. Avocent DS Series DSR1010
    Avocent DS Series DSR1010 single user 16-port switch provides both digital and analog connectivity to PC-based servers.