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Premises Networks is always accepting editorial submissions providing educational value for inclusion in our library.

All submissions should be forwarded electronically to: Tony Paris, Managing Editor (
Acceptable formats include: HTML, Microsoft Word (.doc or .rtf) file, ASCII Text File, or text included in e-mail body.

Editorial Criteria
Prior to being added to the library, your submissions will be screened by our Web site editorial team to ensure the information is truly editorial and not simply self-serving to the company. Premises Networks reserves the right to deem any submission as unacceptable...this decision is final, however at your request we are willing to provide suggestions on what can be done to improve upon an article.

If you are unsure if an editorial submission meets our criteria consider the following: All submissions must contain answers to the following questions:

  1. What was the initial problem attempting to be solved?
  2. What possible solutions were investigated?
  3. Which solution was selected? Why?
  4. What kind of results did the company experience as a result of implementing the selected solution?

The point to remember is that viewers come to our site to find a solution to their problems. They come for the value of our content. While it is acceptable to briefly mention a product or company within the article, this should not be the primary focus and should be included as reference information only - unless it is in a "How to" format.

Graphics Requirements
Graphics may be included in an article as long as they meet the following requirements:

  1. File size under 10k
  2. Graphics are in GIF or JPEG format
  3. Graphics may not be larger than 200 pixels wide


About Us

The Information Source for the Premises Networking Industry
Welcome to, the Internet's leading source of business and technical information about the premises and enterprise networking industry. If you are an IT or MIS professional, or a network designer, integrator, installer, or consultant developing enterprise or premises networks to carry data, voice, or video, you now have instant access to a comprehensive Website that delivers the latest information cutting-edge technology, the latest business development, or standards information. provides news and business/technical information about the enterprise network industry aimed at IT professionals who are responsible for the day-to-day functioning of a corporate network, or who are building out the never-ending upgrades that are constantly required due to the insatiable demand for bandwidth. We also reach the cabling installation market which is key as all the heavy, media-rich data requires "big pipes" of copper and fiber. is a network infrastructure site, primarily focused on all the equipment between the NIC (network interface card) to the cabling and connectivity devices that run through the walls of a building. This includes structured cabling that brings both high-performance copper and fiber to the desktop, connects local-area networks and campus-area networks, as well as remote access equipment.

Other coverage areas include the rapidly growing market for network-attached storage and Fibre Channel-based storage area networks plus still emerging network applications such as wireless LANs. On the software side of things we cover network security plus software that monitors for problems and bottlenecks in data flow. was first launched by VertMarkets, Inc. in December 1998 with two lofty goals: First, to become the leading source of product technology, standards, management and news information in the premises networking industry, and second, to create and foster an atmosphere in which engineers, managers, producers, purchasers, designers, and marketers in this industry can keep easily abreast of developments, as well as identify and communicate with those advertisers in who can satisfy their business needs.

Who are our clients? The leading manufacturers in the industry have recognized the benefits of being part of an online community for this vertical market. offers a way for customers and prospects to cut through the clutter of the Internet and put their company in a position to be discovered in an increasingly crowded medium. Contact us today for advertising information.

The database is structured to serve the needs of IT professionals, MIS professionals, business executives, system installers, integrators, designers, component engineers, product specifiers, and technical managers who are involved in the design and production of enterprise networks and are interested in topics such as: fiber optic cable; Cat 3, Cat 5, and Cat 6 cable; hubs; switches; routers; connectors; patch cords, LANs; Ethernet; Fast Ethernet; Gigabit Ethernet; WLAN; fiber-optic connectors; frame relay; virtual private network;VPN; network management; quality of service; QoS; SNMP alarms; sniffer; RMON; FRAD; videoconferencing; voice gateway; VoIP; asynchronous transfer mode; cable pulling; cable ties; conduit; SAN; metropolitan area network; WANs; wiring closet; risers; digital subscriber line; DSL; voice over DSL; DSLAM; ADSL; SDSL; ISDN; IDSL; LMDS; server; FDDI; HPPI; RAID; TCP/IP; IP; Internet protocol; T1; T3; E1; E3; CSU/DSU; managed network; network service provider; RBOC; CLEC; and ILEC.

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