News | August 26, 2016

The Latest Technology In SCADA Software Just Turned 30

If you are attending the Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring Conference in Telford this November, drop by stand 47 to wish VTScada happy birthday. It may be you that gets the present.

Celebrating 30 Years of SCADA Excellence
Our instantly intuitive monitoring and control software removes frustration from every stage of the HMI / SCADA software lifecycle; from pricing and licensing, to development and support. VTScada is perfect for plant, telemetry, or hosted systems of any size. Its unique architecture integrates all core SCADA components into one easy-to-use package. Intuitive tools and training options combined with the most reliable support in the industry allow you to confidently start creating fully-featured applications immediately.

Test Drive Advanced Alarms
Visit Keith Donaldson at the VTScada stand to test drive version 11.2 which includes new and augmented features that reduce risk and confusion when managing your SCADA alarms.

ISA 18.2 Alarm Management Standard - VTScada 11.2 helps you easily put into motion the strategies laid out in ISA 18.2.

Enhanced Situational Awareness - Instantly identify the status and priority of each alarm in the list.

  • Use text, symbols, colour, and sound to best meet the visual needs of your team. (e.g., colour vision deficiency)
  • Provide important context by adding encrypted operator notes to alarms.
  • New ‘Alarm Details’ dialog provides a complete overview of each alarm’s configuration, history, and notes.

Eliminating Nuisance Alarms - Shelving allows operators to temporarily silence and hide unhelpful alarms while still recording them in the alarm history. VTScada 11.2 conforms to the ISA 18.2 concept of shelved alarms.

  • Set shelved alarms to re-arm after a defined period.
  • Easily display a list of shelved alarms in the Alarm Page.
  • New ‘Bad Actors’ and ‘Alarm Flood’ reports identify chronic alarms so that they can be resolved.

You Could Win VTScada on a Stick!
VTScada applications easily scale from 50 I/O to 5 million. Visit us to enter to win a Stick PC running a free 50-Tag VTScada software license. See you at stand 47.

Source: Trihedral Engineering Limited