News | September 15, 2020

SAM Seamless Network Launches A Data-Driven Threat Intelligence Solution For Endpoint Security Vendors To Protect Unmanaged IoT Devices On Enterprise Networks

  • Leverages unparalleled data accumulated from SAM's core solution that secures over 70 million connected devices across homes and SMBs, enabling highly accurate identification and better protection
  • Addresses ever-growing number of network blind spots created by rogue, unsecured smart devices for complete network visibility

‚ÄčTel Aviv, Israel/ PRNewswire/ - SAM Seamless Network, the intuitive security platform for unmanaged networks, today launched SAM Intelligence Service, a complementary solution for security and networking vendors that identifies and actively protects every connected device on an enterprise network with a high level of accuracy based on their extensive data sets. Bolstering traditional endpoint security offerings, SAM Intelligence Service empowers CISOs with comprehensive visibility of their entire enterprise attack surface to optimize their security posture.

Enterprise networks are growing more complex and exponentially increasing in size due to the sheer number of physical devices such as routers, printers and cameras connecting to them that security teams aren't able to detect or control. Often deploying unauthorised software and hosting vulnerabilities, IoT devices significantly increase the attack surface. According to the Ponemon Institute, only 5% of organizations keep an inventory of all managed IoT devices, of which only 8% have the ability to scan IoT devices in real-time, and unsecured connected devices now account for 26 percent of security incidents. As the majority of the developed world has been working from home since March and 41% of employees are expected to continue to work remotely for some time, these network blind spots are exacerbating an already serious security threat to organizations.

SAM Intelligence sets a new standard of accurate identification, and security of every device on a network that is usually only available by scanning or passive capture. This empowers security teams with the ability to detect, analyze, manage and control all activities happening on a network, from device discovery and network traffic to monitored applications and network performance, mitigating countless vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers to compromise a network.

SAM Intelligence utilizes the wealth of data accumulated from its secure monitoring of over 70 million devices across leading ISP networks for identification and protection, incorporating a daily assessment of over 5 million devices for changes in behavior, new signatures, new software versions and the analysis of 200 million daily data entries. SAM Intelligence-as-a-Service spans 18,000 known device types, fingerprinting 96% of devices connected to its networks. In comparative tests, their solution recognized an additional 71% of devices on a network over a current leading fingerprinting vendor and delivered more detailed insights such as a specific model (for example specifying iPhone 5 rather than just iPhone), to accurately assess confidence levels in detecting exact network behavior .

"IoT devices are now becoming more prevalent on enterprise networks than traditional endpoints, posing a much greater security concern for large organizations," said Sivan Rauscher, CEO and co-founder of SAM Seamless Network. "CISOs urgently require a deeper, holistic level of visibility of their corporate networks that incorporates all IoT devices. Our unrivalled intelligence on device identification and protection will significantly boost their overall security, while mitigating attackers' exploits to gain unauthorized entry."

SAM Intelligence provides threat intelligence against widespread attacks such as DDoS, brute-force, phishing, malware, spyware, crypto-jacking and ransomware across all devices on a network.

Key features include:

  • The ability to precisely fingerprint a device in minimal time, identifying origin and manufacturer
  • The ability to develop and deploy effective per-model security policies
  • The identification of anomalies requiring further protection
  • Minimizing the amount of false-positive alerts
  • Threat analysis including security risks, vulnerabilities and actionable recommendations for devices.

SAM is currently working with leading Endpoint Detection Response (EDR), Endpoint Protection and AV companies to incorporate SAM Intelligence into their existing offerings.

About SAM

SAM Seamless Network provides a software-only cybersecurity solution that integrates seamlessly with any platform, and is designed to protect unmanaged networks such as homes and SMBs, by securing the gateway and all connected devices. SAM is capable of studying the behavior of a single network of fragmented devices, and creating a customized protection in real-time using its unique device and IoT-driven threat intelligence. Installed remotely on all existing gateways, SAM doesn't require any additional hardware or a technician to provide comprehensive network security, data insights, network management and content control tools.

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