News | October 13, 2020

ProLabs Simplifies Transceiver Stocking With New Cost-Reducing 1G DWDM Tunable Optics

Tustin, CA /PRNewswire/ - ProLabs, a global leader in optical networking and connectivity solutions, has launched its new 1G DWDM tunable transceiver line at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo today, reducing the cost and complexity of transceiver inventory requirements in data centers and enterprise networks.

The ability to tune 1G DWDM optics using the ProTuneTM Coding & Tuning System offers flexibility to network managers and system operators. Rather than needing 40 discrete part numbers with 40 fixed wavelength specifications, the same 40 bands can be covered using only five 1G DWDM tunable transceivers.

"The flexibility to deploy and tune a 1G DWDM transceiver addresses a variety of operational challenges for network operators," said Jon Eikel, Chief Strategy Officer at ProLabs. "Having a 1G tunable transceiver in the access network helps operators reduce sparing and inventory complexity. This drives better performance in mean-time-to-repair by simplifying to a single part that fix agents can fit into any network segment on any wavelength."

The solution contains five tunables with the capability to tune to channels 20-27, 28-35, 36-43, 44-51, or 52-59 respectively by using the ProTune™ Coding & Tuning System.

The 1G DWDM tunables are being showcased with ProLabs' cutting-edge advances in 400G, coherent, 100G ZR4, and fiber monitoring solutions. These include the CFP2-DCO coherent transceiver, the QSFP28 100G ZR4, and the Optical Monitoring Platform, ProLabs' award-winning automated fiber fault monitoring and alerting platform.

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