News | October 9, 2020

Ping Identity Launches New Cloud Services Enabling Advanced Risk Management And Authentication For The Enterprise

Ping Identity, the intelligent identity solution for the enterprise, today unveiled PingOne Services, a suite of stand-alone cloud services that provide advanced identity and access management capabilities with flexible integration options and rapid implementation. The first two cloud solutions being announced today, PingOne MFA and PingOne Risk Management, address enterprises’ needs to balance security and convenience in the digital experience for an organisation’s workforce and customers. Alongside these services, Ping is launching a unified cloud administration experience that provides a single location for administrators to view and manage their identity solutions deployed on-premises and in the cloud.

Ping Identity is expanding its identity and access management solutions with new, stand-alone cloud services that can be deployed together or individually to meet an organisation’s unique needs. PingOne Services offerings can be easily integrated with existing IAM infrastructure, including Ping Identity solutions as well as third-party products, so that enterprises can pick and choose which advanced capabilities they need and how they want them deployed.

PingOne MFA Balances User Convenience with Security
PingOne MFA is a multi-factor authentication cloud service that protects from account takeover attacks, compromised credentials, fraud and other malicious activities, while delivering a smooth and frictionless user experience. The solution uses adaptive authentication policies so that organisations only prompt customers for authentication when needed. Users can also utilise PingOne MFA for custom transaction approvals, such as approving the transfer of funds or other high value transactions. PingOne MFA can be seamlessly embedded into web and mobile applications, allowing enterprises to brand the end-user experience and provide a choice of easy-to-use authentication methods, including SMS, email and push notifications from a mobile device.

PingOne Risk Management Detects and Prevents Threats in Real-Time
PingOne Risk Management is a cloud service that uses machine learning to evaluate risk signals and detect threats in real time. It evaluates user context and multiple signals to understand the level of risk posed by a user attempting to access a particular resource including:

  • User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA): Uses machine learning models that learn past user login behaviour for an organisation to detect anomalous behaviour and assign a level of risk.
  • Anonymous Network Detection: Detects if an IP address is associated with an anonymous network (unknown VPN, TOR, proxy), which increases the probability of malicious behaviour.
  • Impossible Travel: Calculates if the time between current login location and previous location is physically possible via travel. If not, there is a high probability of suspicious activity.
  • IP reputation: Evaluates IP address to determine if it was previously used in malicious activity.

“With online interactions at an all-time high, it has never been more important for brands to have seamless, convenient digital experiences that also protect customers from fraud and other suspicious activity,” said Andre Durand, CEO of Ping Identity. “At the same time, the shift to remote work and an increasing number of employees and partners accessing corporate resources off of the corporate network has emphasized the need for real-time threat detection and prevention. Our new services address these realities with intelligent multi-factor authentication and risk management solutions designed for modern times.”

Unified Administration Experience Provides One Place for All Identity Management
Ping Identity is doubling down on its commitment to deliver exceptional user experiences by improving its own customer experience. Users now benefit from a unified administration experience that provides a holistic view of all Ping products and services and streamlines the most common admin tasks. This new experience is being introduced alongside PingOne Services and grants users the ability to manage all their Ping offerings, add environments, get easy access to documentation, and access free trials of other Ping products to try out functionality.

“Identity and security teams are looking for solutions that empower an intelligent, strengthened posture for their own teams. They are looking for solutions that are easy to implement, flexibly adapt to evolving business requirements, on a smaller footprint, and with faster time-to-value.” said Liz Miller, VP & principal analyst at Silicon-Valley based Constellation Research. "Most importantly, they need solutions that deliver streamlined digital experiences for everyone. Users, customers and partners alike expect reliable, seamless, trusted and consistent connections. Leaders do not want to compromise experience for security – they expect to deliver both"

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