News | September 1, 2016

Hydromantis Releases WatPro Version 4.0, Software For Modeling Drinking Water Treatment Processes

Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc., (Hydromantis), the leading global provider of water and wastewater simulation software and professional modelling services, announced recently the release of their software WatPro, Version 4.0.

WatPro is the premier water treatment simulator for predicting water quality based on specific treatment processes and chemical addition (e.g. alum, ferric chloride, NaOH, lime). WatPro uses raw water quality parameters such as pH, TOC, SUVA and operation parameters of process tanks, to simulate the plant performance. WatPro can be used for 1) designing and sizing water treatment systems 2) minimizing the formation of Disinfection By-Products such as, THMs, HAAs, chlorite and chlorate 3) comparing the inactivation of viruses and Giardia by chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide and chloramines 4) calculating chlorine contact time (Ct) for any location in the treatment system 5) optimizing plant operation by allowing chemical addition points to be varied or by tank baffling and 6) estimating treated water quality for a proposed change in plant operation.

The new release is a significant update from the last version, as it includes a completely new Graphical User Interface that brings WatPro in line with the look and feel of all Hydromantis products. WatPro v4.0 contains such features as, capabilities of drag and drop layout building, quick data entry forms and systematic output presentations all of which greatly enhance user modeling experience. “In making this release, Hydromantis reaffirms its commitment to enhance and develop advanced modeling and simulation tools which can help end users to better address the challenges in efficient management of water treatment and reuse applications,” said Dr. Rajeev Goel, President and CEO at Hydromantis.

About Hydromantis
Hydromantis Environmental Software Solutions, Inc. traces its roots back over 30 years as the global pioneer in the development of water and wastewater simulation technology. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and the United States, Hydromantis offers expert professional services for treatment plant modelling, design and optimization and is the developer and owner of the industry’s most advanced modelling and simulation software solutions including: GPS-X, SimuWorks, Toxchem, CapdetWorks and WatPro.

Source: Hydromantis