White Paper

Data Monetization: Water And Wastewater Utilities In The Information Age


By Tal Avrahami, business development manager, Ayyeka

Measuring the value of physical assets can be tricky. Valuation models for companies are arguably more art than science. What about the value of something nebulous such as data? The intrinsic value of data is nil. Data’s extrinsic value is revealed only after processing it.

Once analyzing bits and bytes reveals patterns and anomalies, value creation happens by implementing systems, processes, and incentives that improve decision-making capabilities and performance. Data becomes extremely valuable once it can be leveraged to increase, or at least preserve, the value of assets and the companies that own them. Moreover, data can help make the people who comprise organizations far more productive and effective.

In this article, we take a closer look at how water and wastewater utilities can monetize data and improve profitability by generating top-line growth and reducing costs.