News | May 12, 1999

Alcatel Joins ADSL Consortium at the University of New Hampshire

Fueling the momentum of mass market asymetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) deployment, Alcatel has joined the ADSL Consortium at the University of New Hampshire's Interoperability Laboratory (Durham, NH). Alcatel will provide ADSL equipment and technical support to help resolve interoperability challenges within the lab's multivendor testing environment.

The support of Alcatel is significant because the Plano, TX-based vendor is expected to be the market share leader this year for ADSL equipment sold in the United States. Of equipment revenue topping $346 million in 1999, Alcatel will have a 39.1% share of the US market or $135 million in sales, according to Allied Business Intelligence Inc., an Oyster Bay, NY-based technology research firm.

Announcing its membership at Networld+Interop (Booth # 4461), Alcatel's contribution to the lab validates its ongoing commitment to ADSL deployment. The university provides an independent testing environment where members of the ADSL Consortium conduct detailed interoperability testing of ADSL equipment with one another. Members are able to work together in common surroundings to share information and mutually benefit from the interoperability test results.

Alcatel's ADSL equipment is already in place at the UNH lab. Its use is subject to the scheduling terms and membership requirements of the UNH Interoperability Laboratory Charter.