Optical Switch Units: NSW Series and Bypass Unit


The NSW and dedicated bypass unit family of optical switches will protect your ability to provide network services by providing physical layer redundancy options for transmission paths and devices, and options to bypass unresponsive devices and networks to keep your network services available to users.

The NSW switch consists of a base unit with 4 module bays, and interchangeable modules.  There are 2 basic types of modules; active-standby switch modules, and device or network bypass modules.  There is also a dedicated bypass switch unit.

The active-standby modules change the data path from the active transmission path or device to the standby, redundant transmission path or device.  If a fiber optic cable is cut or a device fails, then automatically switching to a standby optical cable or device will prevent a service outage.  For example, if a fiber optic transmission cable is cut, then switching to a standby transmission cable will allow network services to continue.

The bypass modules for devices or networks, and the dedicated bypass unit, switch from including devices or networks in the data path to bypassing the devices or networks from the data path.  If a device or network outage occurs on the data path due to failure or loss of power, automatically bypassing the failed device or network will allow service to continue on the data path.  For example, on a fiber ring network, if certain nodes on the fiber ring lose power, then bypassing the failed nodes will allow other customers to continue to receive network services.


  • 1x2, 2x4, 2x2, and bypass switching modules
  • Optical power monitoring and automatic switching
  • Remote management by telnet, web browser, and SNMP manager
  • SNMP alert detection function
  • The switching time is as small as 10msec or less
  • The NSW modules and bypass unit do not require electrical power to maintain the data path.  The units will not block the data path even during a power failure


Network Configuration Examples

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