News | November 23, 1998

Johanson Connectors selected for Space Mission

Source: Johanson Manufacturing
Johanson ManufacturingASA needed a highly reliable, ruggedized connector for space applications, they turned to <%=company%>. Johanson's FC Style High Reliability Connectors and Adapters were designed for NASA and are part of the Fiber Optic Flight Experiments (FOFE) being conducted throughout the current 9 day STS-95 shuttle mission. The experiment is designed to demonstrate the usefulness of fiber communications in space environments. The actual shuttle test will evaluate improvements of fiber optic transmission on payload and arbiter processing on the Hubble Space Telescope Orbital Systems Test (HOST) Platform. According to the daily mission report, the system was up and running on day two and ready to record the effect of radiation hits. Information on FOFE and HOST is available on the web at

NASA's requirements are understandably high. NASA wanted to reduce the size and weight of the components without sacrificing system reliability. Furthermore, they wanted the economy a commercially developed product could offer future missions manned and unmanned. Johanson responded to their requirements and developed a line of High Reliability FC connectors for the mission. "With extensive experience in connectors, material selection and machining, our team was able to quickly design a new smaller, lightweight connector ideal for the application," said JMC Director of Engineering, John Loughlin. "I also think NASA was pleasantly surprised when prototypes were delivered within a few weeks of the initial visit."

"As a US company, we are proud to be a contributor to the NASA effort and the fiber optic community in general," remarked JMC President, Nancy Johanson. Even though the connectors were developed for NASA, other commercial, aerospace and military system designers seeking low cost, high reliability component solutions are already specifying Johanson connectors for their exceptional performance.

Located in Boonton, NJ, Johanson Manufacturing Corporation is an outstanding environmentally conscious global supplier of fiber optic interconnects and RF components committed to providing distinctive quality and unparalleled service. Additional information is available on the web at