News | June 24, 1999

Infonet, Security Dynamics to Provide Security Services

Network service provider Infonet Services Corp. (El Segundo CA) and Security Dynamics Technologies Inc. (Bedford MA), a developer of security products and technologies, will partner to provide authentication and security services for remote users. Infonet provides frame relay, Internet, intranet, electronic commerce, integrated voice/data solutions, and messaging and collaborative products and services.

As more and more mobile and remote users require access to corporate networks, security is becoming one of the most important issues network managers face. Infonet will provide Security Dynamics' SecurID authentication with its DialXpress product line. SecurID has been integrated into both the Infonet RADIUS environment and its DialXpress Proxy services. Strong user authentication in remote environments provides much greater security than traditional passwords that can be easily guessed or 'cracked.' Security Dynamics' SecurID authentication solutions help ensure that users at the end of the network connection are, in fact, who they say they are.

SecurID authenticators are available in several forms including credit card-sized hardware tokens, key fobs, software tokens, smart cards, and a new software application that turns any Palm Pilot device into a SecurID token. Infonet clients will have the option of subscribing to Infonet's fully managed DialXpress SecurID service or integrating their private, existing SecurID environment into their DialXpress system.