Fiber Optic Splicer

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Fiber Optic Splicer
The X77 Fusion Splicer, like its predecessor, the M90, offers the core alignment accuracy of Siecor's LID-SYSTEM® unit and the speed of a Profile Alignment System.
Corning Cable SystemsX77 Fusion Splicer, like its predecessor, the M90, offers the core alignment accuracy of <%=company%>LID-SYSTEM® unit and the speed of a Profile Alignment System. With the increasing number of applications for splicing dissimilar and specialty fibers, the LID-SYSTEM unit is a necessity for low loss splices. The X77 fusion splicer is the perfect combination of precision operation and ease of operation, all in a cost-effective machine. Corning Cable Systemsaccuracy of the LID-SYSTEM unit eliminates the time-consuming task of evaluating splices with an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) while splicing. The 1300 nm LID-SYSTEM unit first optimizes core alignment in each of the x, y, and z axes. Like the M90, the X77 fusion splicer utilizes automatic fusion time control by monitoring the relative power level through the splice, while the arc melts the fibers together, and ends fusing when splice loss is at a minimum. With the addition of the X77's pigtail adapter, the craftsperson is able to apply the accuracy of the LID-SYSTEM unit when splicing pigtails. Corning Cable SystemsX77 fusion splicer offers 20 programs for single-mode and multimode splicing. While the standard parameters are preset in the factory, every individual parameter can be freely programmed by the operator. Up to 250 splice loss values can be stored for downloading to a serial printer or text file. Messages and splice loss results are shown on the X77's high resolution LCD display.

Features and Benefits

  • Both a LID-SYSTEM unit for direct core alignment and a three-dimensional Profile Alignment System
  • Utilizes Automatic Fusion Time to control splice loss
  • Fiber positioning and the fusion process are completely automatic with one button operation


  • 12 language options (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Chinese, and Russian)
  • Heat-shrink oven control (time and temperature) to adapt to different types of heat-shrink splice protectors and to extreme ambient conditions
  • New electronic design to conform to European CE standard
  • Intensity control for the LCD monitor to adapt to all light conditions
  • On-screen error message combined with acoustic indication
  • Average splice loss for identical single-mode fibers of less than 0.03 dB; field splice loss of 0.05 dB for single-mode fibers
  • Splices pigtails via a pigtail module for SC, FC, and ST¨ compatible connectors
  • Instant splice loss estimation
  • High contrast, 3-inch LCD screen displays X and Y views simultaneously
  • Tensile-test capability
Corning Cable SystemsX77 can be fully equipped with the FBC-006 Precision Diamond Cleaver, Heat-Shrink Oven or mechanical fusion splice protector, Universal Splice Tray Holder, and rechargeable battery. The splicer and all of its options fit perfectly into the sturdy transit case. This case is lockable, waterproof, and may be pressurized. The case even comes with a convenient shoulder strap. The X77 can also be used with an airline-grade transit case with wheels (X7-EXT) to provide maximum protection during shipping.

Integrated LID-SYSTEM® Unit

1300 nm LED

Functional with commercially available single-mode fiber

X77 comes standard with an external pigtail module for splicing pigtails

High-Precision Fiber Cleaver (FBC-006) Corning Cable SystemsFBC-006 Precision Diamond Cleaver is designed to deliver fiber cleaves within 1.0° of perpendicular 95% of the time. Its one-stroke operation greatly simplifies the cleaving process and improves splicing time. The cleaver blade has a service life of 5,000 cleaves and can be replaced in the field.

X77 in Transit Case (X7-CASE)

High-Precision Fiber Cleaver (FBC-006)

Airline-Grade Transit Case (X7-EXT)

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