News | May 26, 1999

Apple Taps Compatible Systems for VPN

To anchor the first phase of a multistage VPN deployment worldwide, Apple Computer (Cupertino, CA) has installed IntraPort virtual private networking (VPN) Access Servers from Compatible Systems Corp. (Boulder, CO). Apple's purchase of four IntraPort Enterprise-2 units and an IntraPort 2+ will provision remote access VPN capability to two major corporate facilities. The IntraPort Enterprise-2 supports up to 5,000 simultaneous remote client connections.

VPN technology allows companies to construct private data networks using the public Internet as a secured wide-area backbone. IT managers can implement high-bandwidth broadband connections using ADSL and cable modems. Apple plans to use the IntraPort-based VPN to link remote employees to its central network, using broadband access through Internet Service Provider points of presence (POPs) in the employees' local calling areas. Apple will also provide access to traveling employees and day extenders using the VPN.

The IntraPort family of VPN Access Servers provides Internet-based remote access and LAN-to-LAN connectivity ranging in size from 64 simultaneous client connections to more than 40,000 simultaneous sessions. Compatible Systems VPN client software runs native with operating systems and development environments from Apple Computer, Microsoft Corp. (Redmond, WA), Sun Microsystems (Palo Alto, CA), and Intel Corp. (Santa Clara, CA).